Picture of therapist putting in acupuncture needle

Once seen as alternative medicine, acupuncture is now an accepted therapy offered at major hospitals and covered by most extended benefit plans. Despite mainstream adoption and scientific verification, several misconceptions remain surrounding the treatment. Here are a few popular myths dispelled:

Acupuncture is painful. 
The thought of being pricked by sharp needles sounds painful, but it actually doesn’t hurt at all. Patients often describe sessions as relaxing and sometimes fall asleep.

Acupuncture is an Eastern practice. 
Various forms of acupuncture have been performed throughout Asia for centuries, but at Guelph Rehab we specialize in medical-grade treatments including Intra-muscular Stimulation (IMS) and Dry Needling Acupuncture. Click here to learn more about these two approaches.

Acupuncture is unhygienic. 
Some sceptics believe acupuncture needles transfer illnesses from one patient to another. Practitioners use new, hygienic, medical-grade needles for each patient. Needles are never reinserted after a puncture and sanitarily disposed of after each appointment.

Acupuncture is a placebo.
Many sceptics attribute the benefits of acupuncture to the placebo effect discounting the growing scientific evidence that backs up acupuncture as a valid treatment.

Acupuncture works miracles. 
Acupuncture can significantly improve health if used correctly and performed by a qualified licensed practitioner; however its efficacy may be limited if not used in conjunction with a holistic treatment plan.

Our therapists can help you learn how this treatment can be incorporated into your treatment plan. Call us at (519) 265-7343 to speak with our team to learn more.