For New or Ongoing Unresolved Back Pain and Dysfunction.

Guelph Rehab Centre’s Back Care Program is a physical rehabilitation treatment designed specifically for your diagnosis, stage of recovery, and current fitness level.

It is an 8-week, 3-stage progressive program that may begin at varying stages depending upon your current level of injury or dysfunction.

Our Back Care Program sets specific goals that target your individual needs. Goals would include pain reduction, improved function, and movement as well as safe return to activities of daily living and work. We also provide timely updates to your family physician and specialist.

Our treatments may include a combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic treatment. We may also include spinal decompression and shockwave therapy. Patient consultation and consent is always performed prior to the implementation of any therapy and equipment.



STAGE 1     (0-4 weeks)

Reducing pain and inflammation and improving flexibility with Active and Passive intervention

  • Assess and address the areas of pain and major restriction/limitation in the patient’s spine, pelvis, and hips.
  • PASSIVE INTERVENTION: Incorporating appropriate manual therapy (myofascial, ART, acupuncture, joint alignment) and modality-based techniques to reduce inflammation, muscle spasms, and pain.
  • ACTIVE: Exercise-specific instruction for improving spinal and pelvic flexibility.
  • Patient education (posture, biomechanics, home care exercises, ergonomics, and injury prevention)

STAGE 2     (4-6 weeks)

Improving CORE muscle strength and spinal stability

  • Targets muscle weakness in the back, hips, and pelvis, muscular restriction, and biomechanical imbalances.
  • Continue with appropriate manual therapy (passive intervention) to remove any soft tissue restrictions that may inhibit active intervention.
  • Our therapists will design and instruct the patient to target specific muscle weakness and tightness, as well as improve basic core and spinal stability for improving joint and muscle movement and function.
  • Active therapy to assist with muscular flexibility and pain management.

STAGE 3     (6-8 weeks)

Advanced Core strengthening and spinal stability education 

  • Advanced level program with instruction by a Registered Physiotherapist for enhanced core stability training using exercise balls, Therabands, & weights.
  • Build upon the foundations of STAGE 2: when returning to work, sports, or daily activities requires high demands (i.e. heavy lifting, twisting, etc) or when additional core and spinal stability is necessary to protect from spinal disc injuries (i.e. disc prolapse and disc herniation)
  • Patients will receive a personalized program of advanced spinal stability exercise that builds upon the foundations they have learned in STAGE 2. You will have the tools to self-manage your back care at a level that is comfortable and effective for you.