Our unique approach to providing comprehensive programs-of-care.

At Guelph Rehab Centre, our focus is to provide various treatment programs rather than just a menu of services to choose from. Our success is in our ability to harness the collective expertise of various healthcare professionals to deliver unique combinations of treatment within our programs-of-care. Some of our key programs include: Headaches & Migraines. Back & Neck Pain. Motor vehicle accident injuries (through auto insurance). Work injuries (through WSIB insurance). Our collaborative, comprehensive treatment model is at the heart

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Whether you’re young or old, we’ve all experienced a headache many times. And while the cause and severity of each one may have been slightly different, they were most likely all as equally debilitating and aggravating. But have you ever stopped to think about what causes these irritating conditions, why each one feels slightly different and how you can prevent future headaches? Lucky for you, this article is going to do precisely that. We’ll explain what a headache is, what

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Whether at fault or not, you are entitled to coverage of your rehabilitation costs for injuries sustained in a car accident in Ontario. 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU ARE IN A CAR ACCIDENT There are several forms to complete and it can be complicated. Our experienced Rehab Consultant in Guelph can assist you with completing the forms and help you navigate through the process. ACCIDENT BENEFITS FOR REHABILITATION 1. If you are injured in a car accident you have various accident benefits,


Rocks in Your Head

Rocks in your head: the treatment of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo Clinically we see a lot of clients that suffer from vertigo and/or dizziness, and one of the most common causes of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV for short.  BPPV is the most common cause of sudden vertigo symptoms, and it can be very debilitating for clients to wake up one morning with vertigo symptoms associated with BPPV. Client’s often describe vertigo as a feeling

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Pain Science in Practical Terms

As both our patients and clinicians know, pain can be a complicated and frustrating phenomenon. Pain can prevent us from doing the activities we want to do, interfere with our sleep, and generally put us in a worse mood.  Pain always differs from patient to patient, whether it is in the intensity of pain, the type of pain patients experience (eg. Burning vs. Shooting pain; sharp vs dull pain, etc.), and how pain affects our daily lives.

Back Pain and Imaging

Oftentimes clients wonder if they should get imaging (eg. MRI or X-ray) for their recurring low back pain. The answer is that for the majority of clients who suffer from lower back pain, imaging is not needed to effectively treat their lower back pain! Previous studies have shown that over 50% of patients (aged 30-39) without any type of low back pain, have shown some type of disc degeneration when imaged with MRI. This percentage only increases

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8 Tips To Help Minimize or Prevent Injuries While You Garden

Gardening Season is here! For most, it is an exciting time to get your front and backyard gardens looking great for sitting outside with your favourite beverage enjoying the fruits of your labour. For others, it means many aches and pains after all the gardening. So, unfortunately, instead of sitting outside with ice in their glass they’re inside lying down with ice on their back. When we garden we bend, twist, lift, pull, and dig while

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Once seen as alternative medicine, acupuncture is now an accepted therapy offered at major hospitals and covered by most extended benefit plans. Despite mainstream adoption and scientific verification, several misconceptions remain surrounding the treatment. Here are a few popular myths dispelled: Acupuncture is painful. The thought of being pricked by sharp needles sounds painful, but it actually doesn’t hurt at all. Patients often describe sessions as relaxing and sometimes fall asleep. Acupuncture is an Eastern practice. Various forms of acupuncture have been performed throughout


A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) can be a traumatic event often causing both cognitive and physical injuries. What may feel like a minor pain immediately after the accident can quickly develop into a more serious long-term condition. If treatment is delayed, a wide array of symptoms can worsen which is why treatment should be sought immediately. Symptoms to Look Out ForThe first thing you should do after a MVA is seek medical attention for a full assessment. While most injuries are

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Shoulder problems caused by surgeries, injuries and degenerative conditions are successfully treated with physiotherapy to restore function, mobility with stability and to alleviate pain to maximize the quality of life. The shoulder is a ball and socket type of joint which is stabilized by many ligaments and muscles that are attached to the shoulder area also to help move the shoulder in almost all directions. And this is why the shoulder is especially vulnerable to injuries and pain. There are many causes