A Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) can be a traumatic event often causing both cognitive and physical injuries. What may feel like a minor pain immediately after the accident can quickly develop into a more serious long-term condition. If treatment is delayed, a wide array of symptoms can worsen which is why treatment should be sought immediately.

Symptoms to Look Out For
The first thing you should do after a MVA is seek medical attention for a full assessment. While most injuries are immediately identifiable, whiplash may not start to show right away. Things to look out for include regular headaches or migraines, back ache, prolonged fatigue, dizziness, tingling in the upper body, reduced motion in the neck and pain that continues down the shoulders head and neck. Each of these symptoms could cause more serious injuries if left untreated. To decrease the severity of injuries, medical treatment should begin immediately. Delayed treatment can increase the severity of injuries making recovery time longer and more difficult.

How Can Guelph Rehab Help
Guelph Rehab specializes in treatment after motor vehicle accidents. Our collaborative approach consists of an interdisciplinary team which includes a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, massage therapist and chiropractor. Our treatment plans are customized to address each patient’s symptoms and focus on reducing pain in order to return to regular activities as soon as possible. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident reach out to our team for a free assessment. We will help you through the insurance system and forms required to fill out. Our team is here for you so you can begin the road to recovery.