Spinal Decompression

Our unique approach to providing comprehensive programs-of-care.

At Guelph Rehab Centre, our focus is to provide various treatment programs rather than just a menu of services to choose from. Our success is in our ability to harness the collective expertise of various healthcare professionals to deliver unique combinations of treatment within our programs-of-care. Some of our key programs include: Headaches & Migraines. Back & Neck Pain. Motor vehicle accident injuries (through auto insurance). Work injuries (through WSIB insurance). Our collaborative, comprehensive treatment model is at the heart

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Whether at fault or not, you are entitled to coverage of your rehabilitation costs for injuries sustained in a car accident in Ontario. 5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW IF YOU ARE IN A CAR ACCIDENT There are several forms to complete and it can be complicated. Our experienced Rehab Consultant in Guelph can assist you with completing the forms and help you navigate through the process. ACCIDENT BENEFITS FOR REHABILITATION 1. If you are injured in a car accident you have various accident benefits,

Back Pain and Imaging

Oftentimes clients wonder if they should get imaging (eg. MRI or X-ray) for their recurring low back pain. The answer is that for the majority of clients who suffer from lower back pain, imaging is not needed to effectively treat their lower back pain! Previous studies have shown that over 50% of patients (aged 30-39) without any type of low back pain, have shown some type of disc degeneration when imaged with MRI. This percentage only increases

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NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY Lumbar Disc Herniations can cause varying degrees of lower back pain, dysfunction and discomfort. That’s why we’ve developed a specific treatment program that targets both Chronic and Acute lower back pain caused by disc herniation and nerve impingement. NON-SURGICAL SPINAL DECOMPRESSION THERAPY PROGRAM OUTLINE: 8 weeksSpinal decompression tableSpecific stabilization exercisesAdvanced myofascial releaseElectrotherapyCold low-level laser therapy A typical treatment often consists of a combination of physiotherapy, massage therapy and chiropractic therapy. However, a customized program is determined together with the physiotherapist

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As a patient, when you require rehabilitation treatment, you’re faced with having to make a tough decision in choosing the clinic that will help you get back to your usual self. And to add to the already mountainous amount of pressure, the clocks ticking, as every day you’re not receiving treatment you have to manage the pain or discomfort yourself. And with so many clinics seemingly offering identical services, how do you choose the right one for you? As a

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Every new year brings a fresh start. And typically, many of us greet this new beginning by challenging ourselves to complete various resolutions before the year comes to a close again. And while we’re all for achieving your goals, these resolutions can put a lot of stress on people, relationships and families. They can make things tense and unenjoyable and get us away from making 2019 the best and most enjoyable year yet. So rather than provide you with a

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Any time you injure yourself or experience pain and discomfort, if mild enough, the symptoms will resolve in a few days. That being said, you should know that just because you no longer feel symptoms it does not mean your injury has fully healed. This can often cause future issues and sometimes chronic pain from poor healing. Of course seeing your doctor is always recommended should there be serious injury. THERE ARE MANY REASONS TO SEE OUR HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS. HERE ARE