Guelph Rehab Centre's Sagar Patel

Sagar (Sag) Patel


Sagar is a Registered Physiotherapist in Ontario and has held various positions in his 11+ year career in physical therapy. His roles have included Chief Physical Therapist in a private clinic, Assistant professor and head of the Physiotherapy department at school in India, Senior Physiotherapist in a sports injury Hospital and has vast experience in treating sports, Musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions. Sagar is trained in Dry needling, Acupuncture, Manual therapy, Cupping, Tapping and many other advanced skills and is highly successful in achieving his patient’s optimum health. Sagar’s success in treatment includes his years of experience coupled with his friendly and caring nature, dedication towards physiotherapy and hard work. His current treatment focus includes headaches, migraines, dizziness related to spinal dysfunction and Concussion. Sagar’s skills have been a welcomed addition to Guelph Rehab Centre’s collaborative approach and continues his education for continued professional growth. When he is not making people feel better, Sagar enjoys spending time with his family and is an avid movie goer.