Pregnancy and Chiropractic – The Webster Technique

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Pregnancy and Chiropractic – The Webster Technique

Musculoskeletal pain is common during pregnancy, especially low back pain. Studies have shown that at least 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain. There are many factors that contribute to back pain during pregnancy including weight gain, altered biomechanics, and hormonal changes.

Many women do not want to take medications and are unsure if it is safe to see a chiropractor while pregnant and therefore end up living with the pain.

Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and treatment commonly used to treat pregnant women. The goal of the treatment is to help reduce pain and improve the biomechanical function of the pelvis and sacrum. Webster Technique is safe and effective throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. This technique can allow the baby to be in optimal positioning by promoting better pelvic and uterine positioning. It may also help women to have a more comfortable labor and delivery. Treatment consists of a combination of joint and soft tissue work through the low back, pelvis, and abdomen. Due to laxity of ligaments, as a woman progresses throughout pregnancy, treatment and adjustments are gentle and comfortable.

Results from a study indicate that 75% of pregnant patients who receive chiropractic care during their pregnancies experience pain relief.

Chiropractic care can be added to your health team and we can correspond with your other health care professionals as you progress throughout pregnancy.

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Written by Dr. Shannon Webster, DCP

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